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Here you will be able to find instructions to take screenshots in Bird devices

How to take screenshots, screen capture, print screen on Bird smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Instructions for hard reset, delete or reset Bird devices, get IMEI code or find a lost Bird.

Bird S580 Bird S580
Bird S1160 Bird S1160
Bird S788 Bird S788
Bird V109 Bird V109
Bird SC24 Bird SC24
Bird DV10 Bird DV10
Bird A150 Bird A150
Bird S198 Bird S198
Bird S1190 Bird S1190
Bird M01 Bird M01
Bird D611 Bird D611
Bird V79 Bird V79
Bird S669 Bird S669
Bird S199 Bird S199
Bird S1186 Bird S1186
Bird D680 Bird D680
Bird S890 Bird S890
Bird S296+ Bird S296+
Bird S698 Bird S698
Bird A130 Bird A130
Bird S661 Bird S661
Bird D706 Bird D706
Bird D615 Bird D615
Bird S288 Plus Bird S288 Plus
Bird S618 Bird S618
Bird D720 Bird D720
Bird D515 Bird D515
Bird A120 Bird A120
Bird V5518+ Bird V5518+
Bird S663 Bird S663
Bird G118 Bird G118
Bird S1180c Bird S1180c
Bird S570 Bird S570
Bird S288 Bird S288
Bird M19 Bird M19
Bird D636 Bird D636
Bird S668 Bird S668
Bird S1130 Bird S1130
Bird M07 Bird M07
Bird M32 Bird M32
Bird M29 Bird M29
Bird D716 Bird D716
Bird D736 Bird D736
Bird S758 Bird S758
Bird S768 Bird S768
Bird S667 Bird S667
Bird M08 Bird M08
Bird D660 Bird D660
Bird S798 Bird S798
Bird S299 Bird S299
Bird S799 Bird S799
Bird S699 Bird S699
Bird D612 Bird D612
Bird MP300 Bird MP300
Bird M11 Bird M11
Bird S789 Bird S789
Bird S590 Bird S590
Bird S1160 Plus Bird S1160 Plus
Bird V09 Bird V09
Bird V5510 Bird V5510
Bird S296 Bird S296