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Here you will be able to find instructions to take screenshots in FinePower devices

How to take screenshots, screen capture, print screen on FinePower smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Instructions for hard reset, delete or reset FinePower devices, get IMEI code or find a lost or stolen FinePower, install WhatsApp, configure email, technical features and instructions to delete the Google account on your FinePower.

FinePower C1 FinePower C1
FinePower D1 FinePower D1
FinePower C2 FinePower C2
FinePower C4 FinePower C4
FinePower C3 FinePower C3
FinePower C5 FinePower C5
FinePower D2 FinePower D2
FinePower C6 FinePower C6