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Here you will be able to find instructions to take screenshots in HomTom devices

How to take screenshots, screen capture, print screen on HomTom smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Instructions for hard reset, delete or reset HomTom devices, get IMEI code or find a lost HomTom.

HomTom S16 HomTom S16
HomTom HT16 HomTom HT16
HomTom S99 HomTom S99
HomTom S12 HomTom S12
HomTom S8 HomTom S8
HomTom HT17 HomTom HT17
HomTom HT17 Pro HomTom HT17 Pro
HomTom HT37 Pro HomTom HT37 Pro
HomTom HT7 HomTom HT7
HomTom HT70 HomTom HT70
HomTom HT50 HomTom HT50
HomTom S9 Plus HomTom S9 Plus
HomTom HT7 Pro HomTom HT7 Pro
HomTom S7 HomTom S7
HomTom HT26 HomTom HT26
HomTom H10 HomTom H10
HomTom HT20 HomTom HT20
HomTom HT6 HomTom HT6
HomTom HT10 HomTom HT10
HomTom C2 HomTom C2
HomTom HT20 Pro HomTom HT20 Pro
HomTom HT37 HomTom HT37
HomTom HT3 Pro HomTom HT3 Pro
HomTom HT5 HomTom HT5
HomTom HT3 HomTom HT3
HomTom HT16 Pro HomTom HT16 Pro
HomTom HT30 Pro HomTom HT30 Pro
HomTom HT27 HomTom HT27
HomTom S17 HomTom S17
HomTom R17 HomTom R17
HomTom HT30 HomTom HT30
HomTom C8 HomTom C8
HomTom C1 HomTom C1