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Here you will be able to find instructions to take screenshots in i-mate devices

How to take screenshots, screen capture, print screen on i-mate smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Instructions for hard reset, delete or reset i-mate devices, get IMEI code or find a lost i-mate.

i-mate Ultimate 9502 i-mate Ultimate 9502
i-mate JASJAR i-mate JASJAR
i-mate JASJAM i-mate JASJAM
i-mate Ultimate 8150 i-mate Ultimate 8150
i-mate SP4m i-mate SP4m
i-mate SPL i-mate SPL
i-mate Pocket PC i-mate Pocket PC
i-mate Smartphone2 i-mate Smartphone2
i-mate JAQ4 i-mate JAQ4
i-mate JAQ3 i-mate JAQ3
i-mate JAM Black i-mate JAM Black
i-mate PDA2k i-mate PDA2k
i-mate SP3 i-mate SP3
i-mate Smartphone i-mate Smartphone
i-mate K-JAM i-mate K-JAM
i-mate JAM i-mate JAM
i-mate SPJAS i-mate SPJAS
i-mate PDAL i-mate PDAL
i-mate Smartflip i-mate Smartflip
i-mate JAMA 101 i-mate JAMA 101
i-mate Ultimate 5150 i-mate Ultimate 5150
i-mate JAMA i-mate JAMA
i-mate PDA2 i-mate PDA2
i-mate Ultimate 6150 i-mate Ultimate 6150
i-mate 810-F i-mate 810-F
i-mate Ultimate 7150 i-mate Ultimate 7150
i-mate Ultimate 9150 i-mate Ultimate 9150
i-mate Ultimate 8502 i-mate Ultimate 8502
i-mate JAQ i-mate JAQ
i-mate SP5 i-mate SP5
i-mate SP3i i-mate SP3i
i-mate JAMin i-mate JAMin
i-mate SP5m i-mate SP5m
i-mate JAMA 201 i-mate JAMA 201