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Here you will be able to find instructions to take screenshots in Irbis devices

How to take screenshots, screen capture, print screen on Irbis smartphones, smartwatches and tablets. Instructions for hard reset, delete or reset Irbis devices, get IMEI code or find a lost Irbis.

Irbis TZ716 Irbis TZ716
Irbis SP402 Irbis SP402
Irbis SP401 Irbis SP401
Irbis TZ717 Irbis TZ717
Irbis TZ968 Irbis TZ968
Irbis SP517 Irbis SP517
Irbis TZ831 Irbis TZ831
Irbis TZ742 Irbis TZ742
Irbis SP551 Irbis SP551
Irbis TZ967 Irbis TZ967
Irbis TZ150 Irbis TZ150
Irbis SP454 Irbis SP454
Irbis TZ856 Irbis TZ856
Irbis TZ195 Irbis TZ195
Irbis TZ165 Irbis TZ165
Irbis TZ964 Irbis TZ964
Irbis SP510 Irbis SP510
Irbis TZ714 Irbis TZ714
Irbis TZ183 Irbis TZ183
Irbis SP571 Irbis SP571
Irbis TZ855 Irbis TZ855
Irbis SP453 Irbis SP453
Irbis SP550 Irbis SP550
Irbis SP552 Irbis SP552
Irbis SP511 Irbis SP511
Irbis TZ874 Irbis TZ874
Irbis SP455 Irbis SP455
Irbis SP514 Irbis SP514
Irbis TZ198 3G Irbis TZ198 3G
Irbis TZ198 4G Irbis TZ198 4G
Irbis TZ841 Irbis TZ841